For a long time we have paid into street culture, we have purchased sneakers or trainers, clothes and sports products and we have bought into the lifestyle that accompanies those products. Our pennies and pounds, dollars and cents and all the other currencies around the globe have supported the big dogs of sportswear and fashion. Ironically we own very little of that culture, none of those company stocks and shares but we are the ones that have made those companies what they are today, and as rich as they are.

We are the ones that have built the culture. These big corporations shape their products around us, around our style, our swagger and our struggle. Their creative personnel, their marketing and advertising teams literally eat from the street, from us. So it’s high time that We The People took back some of what belongs to us. This is not hating on the game but us saying that it’s time for our team to start playing. Nor is this us saying we want nothing to do with these companies, these brands, or the culture. Quite the opposite - we want our piece of it, that which is rightfully ours, our ting.

Street Weird presents clothing that looks like something that you know, but not quite. Something that has the stamp of the people on it. We present our first 2 T-shirt designs. The font looks familiar, maybe the slogan too but no,...this is very much our ting – two white on black designs that read JUST GWAAN DO IT and JUST BLOODCLAAT DO IT. The GWAAN and the BLOODCLAAT are Jamaican words that inspire drive, determination, passion and commitment to whatever it is that you are pursuing in your life. Words that ignite fires, sometimes, often even, spoken in anger, but nevertheless words that light a fire underneath you